Corporate identity

A well-defined Corporate Identity is an important aspect of our business

mr yakub The paint industry faces a competitive landscape in Seychelles. At present market demand is driven mainly by the housing  market, office and hotel buildings, boats and yachts and the automotive market.

 A crucial factor for success in our business is ‘first impressions’. Therefore, one of the necessary conditions for establishing  customer loyalty to our products is a visually inviting and memorable identity through our marketing efforts to promote our  products, our packaging and the consistency in our quality.

 We want the customer to remember Penlac by our attention to the values that our company stands for and the values we  attach to our products. 

 A well-defined Penlac identity should always emphasise values that are important to the customer.

It has to support our sales and marketing efforts by effectively incorporating specific qualities expected by our customers in our products which are sold nationwide. It should make the purchasing of our Penlac products a ‘no brainer’−fast, easy and convenient.

It should contribute to Penlac being perceived in a more attractive way and therefore consolidate our position as the nation’s leading paint manufacturing company.

Needless to say, taking care of our Corporate Identity is an ongoing process.

It must therefore be managed, adjusted and strengthened at all levels, as we are in constant competition with other paint products on the local market.

In all our communications, the message should be crystal clear: ‘Think Paint–Think Penlac’.

Gafoor Yakub
Penlac Co Ltd