About us


PENLAC is in the business of manufacturing and selling paint and providing technical support to its customers, whenever deemed necessary. We respect the importance of health, safety and the environment and accept responsibility for all the latter. Penlac supports thoroughly the protection of the environment as exemplified throughout our policies and actions. Throughout our operations we are always working actively in reducing any impact on human health and the environment, all within the confines of sound economics and currently available technology.

It is Penlac’s policy to:

Ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, supplementing them where necessary with our internal standards.

Maintain a management system that ensures the continuous improvement of the health, safety and environmental performance.

Educate our employees and customers to operate in a safe and responsible way, to protect themselves, those around them and the environment.

Integrate relevant environmentally sustainable technologies into development of new products and solutions, including promoting the use of safer materials.

Contribute and take our part of the responsibility in finding the best solutions through active participation in and discussions with the authorities dealing with health, safety and environmental issues.