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Durability, Consistency and Customised solutions


To serve the local paint industry, Penlac has geared its manufacturing operations to produce paint products that are in constant demand.

A colour-coded chart is available for clients to choose from a popular range of colours. We are also able to do specific colour mixes to match a client’s requirements.

As an added bonus, we are always ready to provide our customers with our product application tips.

Penlac-Fan Deck of 1,001 Colours                                       Penlac Colour Charts


                                                                              New Colour Chart                                                                      Old Colour Chart 


Penlac Colour Chart are available at Penlac Factory at Le Rocher.

Colour on Chart may Varies depending on your screen resolution.

All Colours on the chart are available in:
Emulsion Based, Super Gloss Enamel, Two Pack Acrylic Based, Epoxy Enamel Based and Chlorinated Rubber Enamel Based.

Colours not on Chart can be don as an "As Per Sample" Colour.

For technical reasons relating to colour reproduction and paint manufacture, the colour chips may not exactly match the paint colours.

It must be borne in mind that the colours in the Charts are as close to actual colours as modern printing techniques allow

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